Wondering What We’ve
Been Up to Lately?

Since SOT in 2018 we welcomed hundreds of new members to the Charles River family.

Expanding to Meet Your Needs

In order to continue to provide timely study starts and meet our clients’ ever-increasing needs, Charles River has continued to expand its capacity across its global network of
Safety Assessment sites.

Meet the New Team Members

The addition of experts and scientists from MPI Research brings fresh perspectives and years of experience to our growing Safety Assessment team. Take a moment for a quick “meet and greet” with a few of our new team members.

Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Black

The Biotechnology Specialty Section (BTSS) of SOT has selected Lauren Black as the winner of the 2019 BTSS Career Achievement Award. The award represents her outstanding achievement and contribution in the evolution of scientifically relevant approaches and interpretation of toxicological aspects that are unique to biotechnology-derived products. Lauren's leadership, service, and influence has played a major role in advancing the field of safety assessment of biotechnology products.

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