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Goals that Align with Yours

Meeting with our scientists just got a lot easier.  We are committed to getting a scientist in contact with you within 4 hours if we are unable to schedule a meeting for you at the show. Come to Booth 1031, enjoy a coffee, chat with one of our scientists, grab a poster reprint or make a pledge (#CRPledgeforhealth).
Get things started before you leave SOT, with Charles River.

Meet our experts in the Science Hub, who are eager to field your questions and share the latest news in drug development. Pull up a chair and learn how stronger science can help you tackle your toughest challenges and accelerate getting your product to market and reaching those who need it most.

In addition to expanding upon several of their poster sessions, our scientists will be available to address any of your questions relating to the following areas, and tell you all about what’s new at Charles River.

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