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Make a Difference

Visit our Booth 1031 to make a pledge for health with Charles River and make a difference for people in the San Antonio community. The #CRPledgeforhealth benefits Work Out Help Out (WOHO), a nonprofit charity whose mission is to integrate exercise with community service, supporting health, providing help, and strengthening communities.

What is the #CRPledgeforhealth? Perhaps you take the stairs instead of the elevator, swap out that burger for a salad at lunch, or promise to hit the hotel gym before going to sessions. Get creative, and share your goals! For every pledge made at SOT 2018, we'll donate on your behalf to Work Out Help Out (WOHO).

All participants will be entered in a daily drawing for a FitBit activity tracker (estimated value $299).

Learn how WOHO helps promote volunteerism and improves the health of the local community.

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